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Полезняшки - The 100 Best Design Blogs to Follow - ч.2

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Fonts In Use Blog – if you haven’t heard of ‘Fonts In Use’, check them out whilst your own their blog – it’s an amazing idea where designers literally work out the fonts in use in specific projects or images.

I Love Typography – Fonts, typefaces and all other things typographical!

Type For You – A blog on typography, with news, interviews and always beautiful typeface inspiration.

Type token – Showcasing and discussing the world of typography, icons and visual language.

Design Inspiration

The Fox Is Black – Love the name. Love the logo. Love the blog!

It’s Nice That – “Championing creativity since 2007” is their tagline, so you know they’re pretty established as a design hub.

The Dieline – My personal, go-to resource for inspiration on developing a brand out across a product or through it’s packaging.

Booooooom – Hope I got the right amount of “o’s” in this one! Great website for daily, visual inspiration.

Inspiration feed – This blog always has a lot of decent lists, money saving deals and resources for designers.

Iain Claridge’s Blog – Serves as a “repository for random morsels of ocular delight” – love it.

The Inspiration Grid – Brings you the best creative stories from around the world.

DdesignerR – Inspiration, photography, design and digital creativity.

Good Design Makes Me Happy – Another that should be fairly self-explanatory. If you like good design, you’ll love this blog.

We And The Color – A great blog for daily art and design inspiration.

Design Everywhere’s Tumblr – A visual showcase of carefully selected graphic design work from around the world.

From Up North – They do have an ‘articles’ section if that’s your thing – I appreciate their visual inspiration.

Inspired Mag – A popular blog about design, development and inspiration.

Site Inspire – Showing some of the most beautiful websites currently on the go.

Inspiration Hut – Daily art/design inspiration and downloads.

Design Clever’s Tumblr – A gorgeous Tumblog of every kind of design imaginable.

Freelance, Business & Lifestyle

99U – 99U, from Behance, provides some really interesting articles on the day-to-day running of a business, freelancing and productivity tips. I mean, who doesn’t want to read an article entitled “The Undeniable Benefits of Being Weird?”

Co. Design – Although they pay a lot of attention to the design side of things, I appreciate the more wide-ranging articles on everything from geeky gadgets to global interest posts.

Justcreative’s Blog – Again, a blog that should/could probably go in the design section, Jacob provides a great resource for young designers looking to get into the business of design.

NuSchool – Some of the absolute best articles providing education for creative professionals. Definitely worth the read!

Creative Review – The CR blog offers super high-quality posts on a range of topics along with their published magazine.

Millo’s Blog – A tonne of valuable information on business and freelancing for all designers to take note of.

Freelance Folder – Actionable insights and advice on all things freelance.

Clients From Hell – Think you have a bad client, think again. Spend a few minutes here for a laugh/cringe.

Paul Jarvis’ Articles – First of all, love the simplicity of the site. Content wise, excellent insights from Paul Jarvis.

Cameron Moll’s Blog – Cameron covers a bit of everything in his blog, which I love, especially the “miscellaneous banter” as he puts it.

Subtraction – Great posts from Khoi Vinh on a range of topics, love the minimal layout too.

Stuff and Nonsense – Their description says all you need to know: “Stuff & nonsense and all that malarkey”

Ciera Design’s Blog – Ciera’s blog contains a wealth of inspiration, advice and range of topics that will appeal to all freelancers.

Rair’s Blog – Lost of interesting articles from industry news to start-up advice and legal matters.

Pinnate Road’s Blog – Kelsey’s blog features a lot of great advice to running a business and freelancing as a designer.

Brent Galloway’s Blog – Brent is a US based, freelance designer whose blog offers a great insight into his day to day life.

Jessica Hische’s Thoughts – A lot of personal insights in this blog, along with some great advice and tips for freelancing.

Sacha Greif’s Blog – Sacha is a respected designer, coder and entrepreneur whose blog offers ideas, tips and advice for up and coming designers amongst personal updates and news.

Sievers Creative – A creative blog about marketing, web design and advertising. Always good advice to be found here.

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